The mysterious vaccination of Trump and Melania

US media reveal reasons why former President has kept vaccination secret, is declining popularity

Despite always skeptical about Covid 19 vaccines, former US President Donald Trump and Melania were secretly vaccinated before leaving the White House in January.

CNN has reported that the information about this mysterious vaccination reported by the prestigious American media was given by a Trump adviser who remains anonymous. But the former head of the White House has not even denied or confirmed the news.

During the first rally he held after US President Joe Biden was sworn in as the next US leader, Trump from Florida urged supporters not to hesitate to get vaccinated, also showing that there is no pain from the injection.

Recall that over the past year when Trump recovered from Covid 19 he stressed that he would not receive any Covid-19 vaccine after being treated with very strong anti-viral.

Meanwhile, other American media write that the reason why Trump has kept the vaccination a secret, as his presidential rival and other world leaders have made it public, is the fear of a decline in popularity.

Most Trump supporters are skeptical of vaccines and have seen in him the figure of the leader who protects them from conspiracy theories.