"I have been diagnosed with melanoma and I am showing you how to distinguish this disease before it is too late."

 Melanoma is one of the most aggressive and dangerous types of cancer. But the earlier this disease is diagnosed, the more chances the patient has for a complete cure. The main hero of the article is, Alexander Shut, who was a very lucky man: he noticed the early signs in time and doctors diagnosed him with melanoma in the early stages. On his Twitter account, he told the detailed story about what happened to him hoping it could save someone's life.

"This summer, I was diagnosed with melanoma, a very dangerous oncological disease. She is also called the "Cancer Queen", and because we are all at risk, I am writing this post about melanoma: how to find and get rid of it in time.

Anyone can have melanoma. In recent decades, there has been an increase in the number of people having melanoma. This is because it is now fashionable to stay long hours in the sun during the beach period. UV light is the main reason why this type of tumor appears.

Melanoma develops from melatonin-producing cells. This pigment is responsible for skin color, hair color and iris color. This is why Africans are dark in color and white people become darker in color after exposure to UV light.

Very few people know what problematic moles look like and they only go to the doctors when this small mole starts to cause trouble, in other words: they grow, become higher than the level of the skin or bleed. At this point, the body may already have metastases.

Melanoma is dangerous not only because there are no signs at an early stage, but also because it is extremely aggressive when metastases develop.

There is about a 95-98% chance that the early spot will save our lives. My tumor was found at an early stage and removed. There was not enough time to spread around the body. I need regular checkups from my oncologist.

I knew what melanoma was, so I decided to check out my moles. I thought my other moles were carcinogenic. But the one I didn’t even think he was turned out to be cancer.

The purpose for which I am telling you my story is to get up from the couch and go visit your dermatologist. "Check the moles often and have a check-up with your doctor once a year", Alexander confessed.

There are several criteria for "bad" marks.

А (Asymmetry) - When the mole is asymmetrical, go to your dermatologist.

В (Boundary) - When you see wrong, blurred lines.

C (Color) - When the color of the mole is heterogeneous. So the color is different in different parts or pale.

D (Diameter) - When the mole began to increase in diameter.

E (Evolution) - When you see changes in the mole such as growth, shrinkage, etc.

If you have been diagnosed with melanoma, this should be a challenge for you. Medicine has made tremendous progress in treating cancer and the earliest stages of cancer are curable. Do not be afraid!