An 114-year-old man discovers 5 foods that have kept him alive for so long

 It is no secret that all people want to live as long as possible, but according to the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy is about 72 years. Listed below are some longevity secrets from a man who lived 114 years old.

Bernando LaPallo was born in 1901 and died in 2015. He credited healthy food to his longevity. People ask me what I do to stay so young and I answer with the expression of the year we are what we eat."

His daily menu contained lots of organic vegetables and fruits. But there were 5 special foods that he believed were the main ingredients.

Queen of spices, cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only a delicious spice, it is also known for its powerful medicinal properties. It is useful in treating cancer, heart disease and bacterial and fungal infections. It can also help fight the HIV virus.

A gift from heaven, chocolate

Eating chocolate can also contribute to our health. This food has a variety of positive effects, from lowering cholesterol levels to preventing cognitive decline, it also helps us overcome stress.

A natural antibiotic, garlic

Garlic is known for preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, lowers the risk of heart failure, detoxifies the body and fights various diseases.

A cure for all diseases, honey

This wonderful bee product has been used in medicine for over 5,000 years. It is a natural healing medicine for many conditions and is known for its antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Moreover, some people use it for cosmetic purposes.

Oil of life - olive oil

According to experts, extra virgin olive oil is also good for our body. It is rich in healthy, unsaturated fats that keep our brain and heart healthy. Moreover, olive oil positively affects cognitive functions, contains large amounts of antioxidants and can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Some other tips from Bernando LaPallo

Bernando LaPallo has admitted that he has never been ill. In addition to eating the aforementioned foods, he followed his father’s advice. "My father told me not to eat red meat, to stay away from it and away from chips."

Some other healthy habits he had incorporated into his daily routine were morning walks, games and solving crossword puzzles. Quizzes and crossword puzzles helped Bernandon have a clear and active mind.

"I can remember the things my father told me when I was 8," he said, among other things.