Airplane carrying vaccines against Covid-19 hits donkeys when landing in Brazil

Occupants of the small aircraft were not injured and the cargo carried was not damaged

A small plane carrying vaccines against Covid-19 crashed into two donkeys when it landed this Wednesday morning (3) on the airfield runway in the city of Ibotirama, in the interior of Bahia State in Brazil. 

The aircraft belongs to the state government. According to official information, there were no injuries. 

The press office of the Secretariat of Health of Bahia stated that the cargo transported did not suffer any problems and that the plane had minor damage. The number of vaccines on the plane was not reported.

Another aircraft was made available to continue transporting the immunizers. The state government said there was no delay in distribution due to the accident. 

This Tuesday (2), Bahia received another 165 thousand doses of Coronavac, produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac in partnership with the Butantan Institute. From the airport in Salvador, the cargo was distributed to the entire territory of Bahia.