Tragedy: Car rescued from the river hid a sad reality

Several drivers who were traveling along the state highway TO-414 began to repair a red car that was submerged in a river in the region between the cities Cachoeirinha and Ananás, which is in the north of the state of Tocantins. The Military Police was called in to check the situation of the car as there are no witnesses to how it got to the river.

Police arrived at the scene late Saturday morning (13). The section where the car was found is very close to the city of Cachoeirinha, just 9 kilometers. During the car rescue process, as soon as the car was turned over, three bodies were found inside the car, all of them lifeless.

The three young men, all male, were identified as Luan Sousa Leão, 23 years old, Cícero Marino Leão Junior, 27 years old and Guilherme Leão Fonseca, 24 years old. All victims must be part of the same family as they have the same surname. However, the exact relationship between them has not yet been clarified.

In addition to members of the Fire and Police Corps, the rescue relied on the help of residents in the vicinity. The bodies were sent to the Legal Medical Institute of Tocantinópolis. The victims underwent an autopsy exam to identify the cause of death for the three.

On the highway near the place where the car was found submerged there is a tip and one of the possible explanations for the accident is that the driver lost control of the car's direction and fell upside down in the river. The police are awaiting an IML report that will clarify what actually happened and victimized these three people.

Even with a pandemic and a carnival suspended throughout Brazil, it is important to emphasize the importance of always keeping an eye on the highways and never taking the direction after drinking alcohol.