The United States is in Dissolution

Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

February 19, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The United States has lost the Eurasian land mass from the Pacific Ocean to the English Channel to all intents and purposes.

The United States cannot and will not defend Europe with nuclear weapons. The only debate is how long it will take for the Russian shock armies to reach the English Channel if NATO decides to attack Russia. My estimate is three weeks but the Pentagon's is two weeks. The US cannot survive a nuclear war as most of its population would be destroyed as it has no defensive missile worthy of the name or bomb shelters for its people while Russia seals its airspace with the S-600 and the coming S-700 defensive missiles. Each of these missiles contain ten interceptor missiles and travels over 20,000 miles an hour. 40 million Russians in the cities have the protection of bomb shelters but the US has none except for the White House and certain military installations though a 100 megaton bomb hitting the White House would pierce their bomb shelters. Russia knows very well that NATO is just a meaningless propaganda instrument.

As to Taiwan, it is also indefensible. Taiwan has no nuclear weapons and can be eliminated as a power by nuclear weapons in a few minutes. They would have to give up before the attack and accept becoming a part of China. Chinese troops would land without opposition. This applies to most of Asia.

The Pakistani Generals consider the Indian Army as meaningless as the Indian armies that fought the British and that they will break and run on contact. Since both sides have nuclear weapons, the mutual destruction of a nuclear war would eliminate both of them as powers probably forever and probably will not be used.

British rule from the time after the mutiny is often called the Raj. During this period a tiny number of British officials and troops (about 20,000 in all) ruled over 300 million Indians.

Here are quotes from the following article below depicting the disarray of NATO:

But the concept of joint funding hides a more painful reality – the deployment of NATO military battlegroups into Poland and the Baltics is, in and of itself, militarily meaningless. A recent RAND analysis concluded that Russia would defeat these forces and overrun the Baltics within 60 hours after the initiation of hostilities. The amount of combat power that would need to be deployed into the Baltics to alter that outcome is currently beyond the ability of NATO to deploy and sustain.

The only nation capable of providing the kind of sustainable, trained, and equipped combat power necessary to fight a viable ground combat campaign against Russian forces in either the Baltics or Poland is the United States. As things stand, the US is unwilling and unable to foot the cost of a deployment beyond an armored brigade it maintains in Poland on a rotational basis, and a forward corps-sized headquarters recently established on Polish soil. The US has conducted reinforcement exercises, where a second armored brigade is flown into Germany, equips itself using prepositioned stocks warehoused in Germany, and is deployed via rail and road into Poland.

As to the US conventional power, it has not been used except at the cost of 7 trillion dollars in two brushfire wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that it basically lost. In the battle for Europe, the US would be defeated as its preponderance in air power would be destroyed in the five to ten minutes by hypersonic missiles hitting the NATO airfields and there would be no force capable of stopping the Russian conventional forces from overrunning all of Europe in a few weeks. The arrogance of NATO reminds me of the British and French before the German Panzer Armies hit them in 1940 when France fell in about 20 days and the rest of the time was spent cleaning it up.

The United States Empire is imploding from within as we saw last summer that this so-called world power sat idly by while 200 cities burned where the fires were set off by alien elements which event will be regarded by historians as the summer that ended the United States Empire. It was the equivalent of the Spartacus slave revolt against Rome but here the US was unable to defend itself from internal dissolution it has become so corrupted. The Romans appointed Marcus Licinius Crassus to put down the rebellion leading 8 legions and smashed it to smithereens. Six thousand rebels who gave themselves up lined the Appian Way crucified on wood crucifixes from Rome to Capua.

The US is finished as a world power as its cities turn into miniature Rhodesias that cannot live without importing food from the UN as Rhodesia which was once the breadbasket of Africa under Ian Smith. Ray Dalio says his predicted Civil War has come to life as the whites flee the northern cities and California southward to be replaced by a hundred million illegal immigrants encouraged in by [B]iden to deliver votes for Democrats by a crash citizen course. The reader does not need too great an imagination to figure out how the Hunter [B]iden consulting business is doing.

NATO’s expanding role hides the reality of a US empire in decline

David Lifschultz
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