The Best is Yet to Come

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

February 19, 2021

The best is yet to come.

It is no longer a secret that Washington DC is completely shut down, you don't hear the MSM about it.

In the piece Cabal of D*eep State land are more like 130 Embassy of almost all countries, they have one thing in common, they are all closed and you don't hear about it in the MSM.

See the list below.

Are there any other features?

Many companies and insurance companies are involved in transportation and trade.

Washington DC really appears to have been a quagmire.

The best POTUS ever and patriots with a conscience have been fighting the Cabal, D*eep State.

If there are more like 300 Kilometers of tunnels under Washington DC, they must also be connected to something, otherwise it seems pointless and the Sat*anists would have been exposed by facts of their crimes much sooner.

Washington DC can be reached almost by boat, except for a small section, which will be reachable through tunnels.

To what extent the Embassy is connected to the tunnel system I cannot judge, that will become clear later in revelations.

The thousands of body backs that contain the remains of people from 3 months to over 60 years of age only hint at the worst of what the military has found underground in the tunnels.

The invisible war is going on all over the world.

Under the cover of C19, the most unthinkable developments are happening per country, from Lock Down to Curfew, something you would normally only expect in wartime.

It's a fight for life and through for the Cabal as we now see them framing to cover their tracks.

To expose a criminal you must not disturb him when he betrays himself.

So countries with curfews, that's where I suspect they want to go underground in the tunnels to cover their own tracks, which compromises them with their Sat*anism.

Our Prime Minister and Ped*ophile Mark Rutte and Ed Nijpels VVD used to be in a club called JOVD which was for ped*ophilia; the age of chi*ldren had to go to the age of 12!!! of this party to be allowed to have se*x as ad*ults with these chi*ldren.

But also they were for commercial surrogacy.... Watch and listen to the insanity this man was already spewing back then.... See also this post about this JOVD....


The VVD is a ped*ophile party, because Mark Rutte is not a single person also Ed Nijpels of the VVD pursues Se*x with Chi*ldren from 12 Years.


In the current commotion about child pornography, the pedophile has it tough. Still he makes a weak attempt to defend himself. But the heart of the matter remains: Where does the ad*ult get the right to initiate the chi*ld in se*xuality?

IT IS AGAINST politically correct to take a vague position on pedophilia. Many claim to have "nuanced" views on adult-child sexual contact, by which they usually mean that they do not want to lump everyone together.


The names Van Blijenburgh mentions besides Prince Friso are:

- his psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont;

- Friso's wife Mabel Wisse Smit, in the company of an older man, probably

- George Soros;

- Donner and Ernst Hirsch Ballin, both former ministers of justice;

- Mr. Van den Emster, for many years chairman for the Council for the Judiciary in the Netherlands;

- Dick Berlijn, former commander of the army;

- Gerlof Leistra, journalist of the weekly Elsevier;

- Carla Eradus, the wife of Johan Friso's psychiatrist, also a judge and the President of the Amsterdam District Court;

- Mark Rutte, the current prime minister; and

- Geert Wilders, member of parliament and political leader of the PVV.

They are predators who pursue their degrading agenda and spiritual deviation through corrupt politics, as true uninhibited unscrupulous Satanists.

Since all over the world the maritime law is leading their crime remains fairly unnoticed and unpunished, if you want to arrest Pedophiles in the Netherlands you have to deal with the police who protect the Ped*ophiles, by order of their high executive in the club of Ped*ophiles, of which Mark Rutte appears to be the Ped*obeschermer.

Precisely because of the curfew, from space with US Space Force the developments around the world can be closely followed and recorded as evidence for their trial.

Everything of telecommunication traffic is stored as evidence for their trial.

Which of the following countries have supported the C*linton Foundation with many millions using their own people's tax money?

Which countries are transit channels for the Hu*man and Org*an and Adren*ochrome trade, with the Netherlands being a front runner run by a criminal regime of Ped*ophiles led by Mark Rutte and the Sat*anic royal family.

Where and how many children go missing each year, where has evergreen schipping (H*illary C*linton) been active.

The so called development aid, where has it been applied and who were the ultimate beneficiaries, and don't forget there the artists who made hypocritical appearances to act as a smoke screen of human traffic*king.

How was the US military misled and soldiers abused by the military complex to commit the crimes for the Elite, it is a matter of honor to end this as well by the military, where an alliance has been forged around the world, who are now working on the big clean up.

There is no place for bought governments and Sat*anists on this planet in the future.

They are all going to be revealed what crimes they have committed against the world population and especially the Chi*ldren of this world, to use them as slau*ghter ca*ttle for their blo*od and org*ans.

The former and occupied Netherlands as a province of Germany, will be the leader of Ped*ophiles in Europe with as now known with 70% of children and ped*ophile ab*use.

From the list below of Countries with an Embassy or Consulate in Washington DC, it is not automatically possible to tell which ones have been guilty.

It is strange though, that no one is asking questions about why and or which countries do not have their embassies open anymore, this I do find suspicious.

In 2019, more than 421,000 children were reported missing in the United States. In 91 percent of the cases, the disappearance is troubling. Of that number, about one-sixth of the victims end up in the se*x industry, what about the rest of the world.

An inhuman Sat*anic trillion dollar trade that seems to dwarf all further world and drug traffic*king.


There will be a correction in the balance of power with the introduction of GESARA, for this can only happen when the D*eep State, Cabal is completely removed from power.

We have every reason to be optimistic, because today, February 19, the 30 days passed that were needed to put everything in place around the world for the Global Cleanup of Evil.

The starting shot comes from the Alliance and the US Army leadership who will roll out the RV, GCR, as far as possible, to put the Cabal Central Banks out of business.

Klaus Schwab (Ernst Blowfeld) and his (Specter) crime sect of the World Economic Forum, IMF, World Bank, ECB, cannot carry out their agenda without money, Gold and influence on the world funds of GESARA who through the QFS ledger program with gold certification as a new value stable payment system has replaced the Cabal system.

Now that the 30 days it took General M Flynn are over, the high court has to deal with the voter fraud, and upon refusal the Army is going to take immediate action to start enforcing the Constitution of 1776, to protect the US and its people from foreign and domestic terrorists from lying politics under high treason to be tried before a court martial.

However, this is going to happen all over the world, as the US's restored constitution, and foreign interference in the 2020 elections justifies this as an occupying power of many countries, as a Nuremberg 2.0 for the crimes the elite have committed against the world's population.

Only then is it 100% safe to release the GESARA funds, to lift humanity out of poverty and oppression.

All globalists are doomed to die, a small step for them, but big for humanity.

Those involved in the crime and Genocide or false C19 Plague have clearly overplayed their hand by their arrogance and misplaced display of power against the world population.

I have only shared a vision that can be further explored by all.

The EU and Sat*anic Globalism is dead, D*eep State and Cabal can't get a move on.


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