Smelly car draws attention at the bus station and what's inside surprises everyone

Another very unusual case has attracted the attention of Internet users on Tuesday, February 23. It is a vehicle that was at the bus station in the city of Tijucas, a strong stench coming from the car ended up puzzling people who passed by.

Due to the unbearable stench, people ended up deciding to call the military police who, upon arriving at the scene to investigate the situation, came to the conclusion that the stench came from inside the car. The vehicle was a Renault Laguna, and when opening the trunk of the vehicle there was a big surprise.

To everyone's amazement, there was a body inside the trunk of the car, which was already in a state of decomposition already well advanced by the time it was found. It is estimated that this body will be in that location for approximately five days, the site was all isolated and the civil police were called in to carry out the necessary investigations and find out what really happened.

Let's wait for more information about this case that has already given a lot to talk about on social networks, because unfortunately this type of situation is becoming more and more common. Just yesterday we reported the body that was found inside a vehicle on the seabed and now that body on a bus station.

Violence is everywhere and nowadays it is not possible to go soft in a place of risk because with unemployment growing every day, crime has also increased a lot. We don't know how things will look from now on as the pandemic is far from over and trade in many places is having to close again, things are sure to get even worse in the coming months.