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February 18, 2021

Rush is a legend! Cuomo in trouble! Warped Speed!



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Rush Limbaugh is a legend!! He is the true conservative patriot that wasn't/isn't afraid to speak the truth! The blunt truth! He built a close relationship with President Trump and was given a Medal of Freedom award at President Trump's SOTU February 3, 2020.

He red pilled so many people decades ago:

He loved our Country so much and because he had such a strong voice. He reached over 20M hearts for decades. People have flocked to listening to his radio shows because more conservative news was turning against Conservatives and with the fake news stirring up garbage, Rush was the one voice that would call out those that were against standing up to our Constitution and America that he so loved!

President Trump did talk with Fox News and Newsmax:

President Trump talks about Rush Limbaugh on Fox News:

We love your Rush and thank you so much for your fight for the Truth!


YouTube removed these Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast videos:

Video Link: Trump RT QTime

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CUOMO Investigation:



With all the news of resignations, termination, sudden "deaths", arrests of pedophiles, drug busts, Wall Street scams, Banksters resigning, CEO's resiging...etc...this is moving quickly.


Learning the Truth about Capitol Hill in DC. The staged / planned riot with paid people under the guise of a "paid videographer", "paid reporter" that has a history of inciting violence. Senator admitting that none were Trump people. Watching footage of security guards letting rioters in without going thru metal detectors. Politicians using the hoax as a means of impeachment. The outrage from the liberal media about this riot and then to learn that it was the liberal media that paid a person for their "footage". This same person that was paid, got arrested by the FBI and is charged. The people in congress outraged about this incident, but they do not care about the riots, beatings, killings, property damage, looting and horrid other crimes done by the far left groups like B L M or Anteefa. In fact, they encourage those crimes. Kamala even posted on Twitter about bailing out a crook!


Our Angel Anon spoke...in short we need to be prepared for the things to get "Warped"(moving quickly). What is President Trump's term for Peace Agreements, lower medical costs, 1776 Commission, etc...He has named it Operation Warpspeed. In my opinion, this is TRUMPSARA!

News is moving so fast now...it is hard to keep up! The liberal left will soon have no choice but to see the truth. You, will need to prepare for the Greatest Awakening known to mankind!

Then this happened in Texas yesterday!

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