Response to a Character Assassination and an Ode to James O'Brien

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February 19, 2021

Response to a Character Assassination + an Ode to James O'Brien

Over my past ten years of intensive research, I have dug in a wide range of topics. Although, in my life, I have at times edged a bit to the side of the naive and gullible, I feel that I have pretty much overcome those limitations. Since I plan to write a long article on a far more important topic, and not wanting to taint that article, I thought I would address this issue separately.

I have always had a pretty decent BS meter, and as Charlie Ward would say, my moral compass is moving in the desired direction (as determined by me), toward center. I am a strong believer in "Look at the message and not the messenger. I am about to contrast two articles published here on 2/14/21 that lie on opposite ends of that compass.

The Good

So, I will begin with the good. That way, If you would rather not deal with negativity, you can just end your reading with this topic. In his article entitled "Treasures in Heaven", James wrote one of the finest and one of the most uplifting and inspiring pieces that I have ever read.


Over the past few days, I have been considering points to include in a spiritual related article. James seems to think as I do, but on a scale that I could never reach. He not only covered most of the points that i was considering, but on my best day, I could not have written ten per cent of what he covered in that article.

James produced a piece that was laid out in a logical fashion, and then wove those concepts into a tapestry that, at the end, leaves one already in the light at the end of the tunnel. If you missed that one, as I did, I highly recommend reading it. Fortunately, for me, the Cap'n over at Starship Earth linked it into her article of 2/16/21.

The Bad

As for the bad, and in keeping with my views on message vs. messenger I won't name any names. However, if you really want to read it, just go through the articles from February 14 on this site.

Like I said earlier, I have always had a pretty decent BS meter, and pretty good discernment, as well. But, in the past three months, the powerful energies we are currently being exposed to, have begun to awaken my intuition.

This reeks of either Clown School, or a targeted individual. Compared to Mr. O'Brian's article, this one had little coherence, in spite of being a relatively long article to convey a short message. Partial:

1) If you cannot dazel with Brilliance, Baffle with BS
2) project
3) Mask your intention
4) Attack the Messenger, not the message
5) Mix in a few valid facts amongst the lies and innuendo

This article mixed in a good bit of spiritual topics, always just after a statement attacking the Character of the targeted individual. I have known the works of the targeted individual for several years.

I have found his basic message to be based on his statement of Universal Law: Create Heaven on Earth, Peace, Love, and Abundance for All (paraphrasing). However, he has a low tolerance for Evil. So, in his efforts to aid in the awakening process his writings condemn the activities of the Elites that cause harm to We The People. So, this article takes statements out of a recent article, as a means to attack his character.

Bottom line is this article was written in such a way as to make use of several accepted spiritual concepts to mask the real intent of the article, which was to Assassinate the character of a targeted individual. So, I urge all to focus on the Message provided, and not the messenger.

So, if the message resonates with you, then the messenger must be over target and doing something right. Otherwise, just leave it. There is nothing to be gained by sewing division within the community.

Love and Light


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