(Reader: Wayseer) Response to "Cryptos vs. Precious Metals: Money Must Always be a Commodity"

Reader Post | By Wayseer

(Responding to: Cryptos vs. Precious Metals: Money Must Always be a Commodity || Final Wakeup Call)

If you take a look at the property of the global banking cartel, you will find them sold or stagnant/empty - such as the Rothschild's "Black Forest" having been sold (liquidated) and the Buckingham Palace "boarded up" with only investigators and liquidators found inside. The war against the global banking cartel has long already been won. What you are seeing right now is optics. The fake news media will be the last to go, sure, but that doesn't change the facts. You say that if things continue as they are than a tool which is cheap now will be $50 dollars in the future, but that is just not true; You are still tripping on the old paradigm that we've already gotten out of. It is now time to look forward at what you DO want instead of backwards at what you do NOT want.

I'm not sure if your message is still good for those who're still stuck in 3D to wake them up; but really, that's what the optics are for. The optics right now, which is not telling everyone the fact that the Federal Reserve was already absorbed into to US Treasury long ago AND the fact that all those who committed crimes against humanity (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth, and others of the secret societies Pres. JFK warned us all about so long ago) but rather shaking everyone up so that the things that didn't work will fall away. As those who are still asleep get angry at how things should not be (albeit optics), they will wake up. Maybe you are intentionally helping with the optics, maybe is your job, or maybe you are still worried yourself like it seems/like your writings show, but I'm not sure if you know so here I am responding. Again, that war has already been won & that paradigm is over. Where were you when Trump filed the EO to seize their assets? I assure you, they are no longer in control and have not been in control for a good while now (just optics to wake people up & get them on board with the new world we will soon be seeing as NESARA> GESARA gets announced).

Lastly, you say that money must always be a commodity. That is also not true. There have always been communities around the world who never started using money and they thrived much better than those fooled into the money system (no homelessness, for example, and no illusion of hierarchy). They practice Ubuntu aka contributionism (different names depending which part of the world). Moreover, while we will still be using money (except now it will be backed by gold as it once was thanks to the global currency reset), it will eventually phase out. A great example of this money thriving system which eventually phases out the need for money is an old video I've been sharing for years from Michael Tellinger called "One Small Town," and you can easily find it if you're interested. Another thing that will boost us forward (collective evolution, you might say) even more are the suppressed technologies of which you probably wouldn't even believe to've already been long-ago invented - believe it or not, it will be like quantum superposition taking us thousands of years in the future. I major part of me says I'm telling you too much because it is probably unbelievable and thus may cause you to resist the grand paradigm shift. Just know you can find any of this information just as I have by researching for it (anyone can). I'm not here to convince you or anyone else. I'm just saying you seem to be tripping on the old paradigm (unless you're just a part of the optics?), that things are far better than you're leading people to believe - those are old problems we don't have to worry about. I don't feel like you're part of the optics so am telling you that you do not have to worry about those tools becoming too expensive (unless this is part of Trump team optics to shake sleeping people up so they'll face the truth and get on board or whatever the case, by making tools too expensive).

We do not need to stumble over that which is behind us. And as most of us know, nothing can stop what is coming. Glorious, thriving, 5D, NESARA>GESARA, cures (which never didn't exist but were suppressed), abundance, love, well-being. Look forward and manifest what you want; no need to resist the timeline anymore. If you are constantly telling yourself, "I don't want my house to burn down," you're more likely to manifest your house burning down than if you tell yourself, "my house is safe."

One more time: We do not need to stumble over that which is behind us. Don't need to trip over the old paradigm. Patriots in control = fact.

Thank you for considering what I have to say. I wish you well.


PS: Congratulations on manifesting the new divine paradigm. You know the unwrapping/unveiling will be biblical (we do, anyway). Nothing can stop what is coming, but if you stop resisting you'll find it arriving much more smoothly for you. Thank you for being a patriot, a grand co-creator. Perfect. The best that is yet to come is almost here and it will be unfathomably wonderful. Look ahead, my friend. If it doesn't work out as expected, it's because the universe has something better in store. There are only so many moves left that can be made, so hold the line (hold the light).

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