(Reader: Victor) Racism Can Save the World

Reader Post | By Victor


That is why ....."RACISM CAN SAVE THE WORLD"....Because..."racism"....keeps each race strong! The d*eep state knows that and lives by that principle but they never sell it to you! Because they would then NOT be strong and YOU not be their slaves. Weak "MASKED" slaves who believe all lies is how you manage the cattle of humans.

The last thing the D*eep State wants is for you to see through their mind control propaganda. A strong pure race has a strong pure culture and a strong identity. When You mix all races together in one pot like in America....you destroy the power of a..."GROUP" ....and a group is clan, a tribe and a whole country. When a whole country of one race knows who they are? and knows their identity? You cannot beat them and that is why open borders are promoted!....TO DEFEAT YOU MY MIXING YOUR RACE AND CULTURE SO THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE. ....and you then can not organize to fight and you wait for Saviors that never come, all by design.

You can not introduce communism, gender mixing and all forms of.... "PERVERTED IDEAS AND CONCEPTS ''....that break apart ANY group IF YOU ARE OF ONE RACE!....,The largest most defined group...."ANYONE KNOWS!"..... is always your race. Go into any prison and everyone breaks up into race groups?....WHY?....BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR SURVIVAL...., because that is the power of a group that has something in common.

THE INDIVIDUAL ISOLATED AND ALONE?....IS ALWAYS A SLAVE. if you are confused about your own sex and the values of your own race?....Well then you are just a lost individual; who can not gather a clan and eventually an army because you have nothing in common ...."TO FIGHT FOR"....but your own lost stupidity and propaganda fed to you by your enemy...AND THAT IS NOTHING.

But if you don't even know that you have an "ENEMY"....OR KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN A WAR?...YOU DON'T STAND A CHANCE.

THEN.....You can not see the propaganda that will warp your mind and defeat you from within. The biggest con job on the planet is that ...."RACISM"...IS BAD!....IT IS NOT!...IT IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND. But your enemies the D*eep State or the "BLUE BLOODS"....ALWAYS MARRIED WITHIN THEIR OWN KIND....they knew the power of a unified group.

When you ...."MIX THE RACES"...YOU WEAKEN THE RACES.....AND WEAK PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS THE SLAVES. So?....a hard pill to swallow because we have been propagandized by the D*eep State for hundreds of years. The D*eep state started the civil war....and used race as a tool for thousands of years.....as it is still doing now.

The power of each race should be Preserved because in that power lies strength and Freedom for each race. A mixed up each race, which leads to a mixed up and controlled culture loses its way and can be easily defeated and destroyed as the world is RIGHT NOW!

Now if you dig deep down the rabbit hole you will discover that the D*eep State are not at their hidden self ...."HUMANS"....WHEN YOU CAN TAKE THAT SHOCK?....YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW RACE WAS USED TO DEFEAT YOU AND ENSLAVE YOU. COMMON SENSE CAN SAVE YOU.....as some of the wisdom's held in past cultures world wide. But now you only see the destruction of cultures and countries because that is a power that can unite to fight......hence that is why diversity is attacked and mixing is promoted.

Diversity is strength as you see in NATURE...with the greatest diversity or many......"pure species".... providing the greatest habitats and resiliency of any environment because when things change, the individual purity of each race will let it adapt and survive. With weakness and confusion and mixing?....you don't survive and Nature is the perfect example.

You will always assemble with those that you resemble. Clear pure divided diversity is how you provide the mix of strength that you need. That is common sense and practical and actually loves each race for its individualism and power. Nature extols differences because that is strength and survivability.......diversity. A higher created diversity....for a simple reason.....THAT IT WORKS.


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