(Reader: Hawke) UK in [D]eep [S]tate, Deep Sleep, Deep Sheep

Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings.

I have been following this site for a while which includes many of the contributors here, as well as on the other 'sister' sites like Dinar Chronicles & Voyages of Light. I try to have a wide 'open mind' appreciation of keeping hope towards a better human kingdom. I do my own research as well as having an interest in other content provision managers who are the widely known 'recognised' sources of intel... Examples include (inc contributors here) Juan 107, Beach Broadcast, Dr Charlie Ward, X22 Report, SGT report, Robert David Steele as well as certain 'Telegram' accounts e.g. GhostErza, Dan Scavino including people like Mike Red Pills America, Simon Parkes plus others like Janet Ossebaard, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Rashid Buttar, World Doctors Alliance, Robert F Kennedy Jnr, Vernon Coleman, Joseph Mercola etc...

So, Why am I writing this...

Well it is targeted towards fellow UK citizens. I am sorry but "Seriously when are you gonna wake your ignorant thick heads up?" I really, really find it frustrating but I am angered more that those that are awake - You just recycle same old stuff. Seriously please, the situation here in the UK is really dire as these fools are setting us woke folks in to a trap.

Does anyone actually believe the Light is winning? Really? I mean, aren't we supposed to have court cases in the 'Common Law' courts won so these evil, cowardly, sell out P()SSY politicians including others arrested, ashamed & then assassinated... Click Click - Boom.

Is No-one angered at the continued use of the school children agenda set for Monday 08th March 2021... Don't they understand that many schools bought into the D|S plan. They received funding plus push the whole 'fear narrative' to the children i.e. Masks to be worn by school children - I mean, are you F'ing serious!!!

My sons school sent out the typical Bull crap that the staff are being tested 'Twice a week' I mean, really... They never been tested you F**ks. It's more like they bending over 'Twice-a-Day' taking it 'all angles' just how they took CCP monies to all get nice laptops for the school children so they can spy on them. Yep, the laptop builds which never allow the end user to turn off the camera, microphone, location let alone only allow browser access via Google Chrome which opened & you begin typing actually relates words just recently spoken about in conversation.... No, still not convinced well what about the nonsense apps to aid teaching - Yes I'm serious as they are part of the instruction to want the 'Camera on pupils' so Facial recognition software can be used by the A.I whilst sessions are recorded by MS Teams.

Why aren't people curious & speaking up about the 5G rollouts that still are being done by unmarked vans by unmarked Hi-Vis folks in Jackets but when asked about "What they are doing?" They tell you to "Call this Number" but it's an automated message going nowhere. Yep, kinda feels like ET phoning home.... "Ummmm Hello"

Why aren't the local councils able to provide any information about these 'Dodgy contractors' as they all know they are laying cables, connecting junctions. They still continue with the Emergency 'Gas Works' story... But wait - Gas is being supplied by Cables??? You sure do chat lots of Gas man.... I mean, worse if the dude is British... Gas... Get it.... British Gas... Hmmmmmm

Why haven't parents, guardians actually questioned the IT infrastructure upgrades that continue to be done in schools. It is dangerous! Don't you know they are bombarding the children in classrooms with this 'radiation' which is producing an extreme, high EMF further exacerbated with all the devices... These are over the specific absorption rate (SAR).

Why isn't the school Governors or Parent Associations getting independent testing on the water supplies let alone the school meals to ensure that they aren't dumping that "Feast of the Mark" in Liquid form... I mean, they are going Bat Crazy with the Fluoride like there is no tomorrow...

I guess there isn't a fight back if these stupid Folks don't start waking up - Double, Triple, Quadrillion, Quintillion quick time....

Yes, I am rather annoyed but more so disappointed given my desire to operate in a high frequency yet the continued indoctrination to these 99.5% sheep is creating a massive, massive indication that we don't want to be free... Don't you understand that this method, technique, mind control was used on the Jews & once the war was over, then they realised What was going on...

Wake up London, Wake Up UK!

Seriously, Is there anyone here who actually really knows what the plan, agenda, timings actually are for the UK? Why aren't these Daemon Rats being arrested, rounded up? Hung, Strung & Quartered? When is this Bull crap media gonna go down? When are these high profile, low profile, Paedo Profile, Evil, Scum, Daemon Rats gonna get smashed the F**k up then get chopped, shot, injected, electrocuted, hung, burned, dipped in acid or pumped with lead by .50 cal bullets. Oh yeah, Gas them F**kers too....

Is it really gonna take that Century old, Con-Royal, Greek hospitalised clone to be finished off with a 'Cocktail 19' Jab so all these folks here in the UK can get a 'Rude awakening'? Really people - Are you all really that numb to what has been going on??? Talk about the British Bragging Hey.... You silly, idiotic sheep are taking a 'Lethal Weapon' - I mean, almost 20 Million people!!! Lord Almighty...

What is going on in the UK - Are they really exorcising the Daemon out of them... No wait - You are putting it in them...

Do you really believe once you inject, that life's gonna become all Perfect?
I can't believe the massive disconnect...
You don't get it that you are the Animal Subject?
It's all about the misdirect to disinfect, never Protect...

So please fellow people, please... Awaken now to begin your ascension....

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