Man spends $ 1,000 on call girls and hides from wife simulates robbery, but ends up in jail

According to information from the Military Police, the suspect spent the entire day in a prostitution establishment on Rua Guaicurus, in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Then he went to a police base and claimed to have been the victim of an attack on the sidewalk connecting the communities of Rodovi√°ria and Lagoinha.

In the bulletin, the man said that two men approached him on the street and announced the robbery and that in addition to his cell phone, he also took 1,000 reais. Faced with this, the police even set up operations to track suspected criminals.

During the investigation, the military scanned the security camera circuit and found no criminal activity of any kind. When asked again about the crime scene, the man finally contradicted himself. Inexplicably, he decided to admit that he made up the whole story.

The man pleaded guilty and said he chose to file the police report to avoid confrontation with his wife. He spent R $ 1,000 on the services provided, and when the money ran out, the phone was given to prostitutes as a form of payment.

After conducting a personal search on the suspect, the police found a portion of marijuana among the man's intimate parts. The man was arrested on suspicion of a false crime and taken to the police station.