Keeping Patriots in the Battle

Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

February 20, 2021


I wanted to title this article, Keeping Digital Warriors in the Fight, after a moment of reflection I decided to change the the title to Keeping Patriots in the Battle. After all, warriors, in this case Digital Warriors, have no need for someone acting as a cheerleader to keep them pumped up, and in the fight. True warriors not only have skills they have acquired through much extensive training, as all military goes through in varying degrees, but they have something much more important, they heart, they have spirit, they have a do, or die, mentality. The only way you can stop a warrior in battle is to render him lifeless. Even then, his spirit can still go on through the men in his unit, seeing how he gave his all without any sign of stopping, until he finally was killed by the enemy. Reading about men that have won Silver Stars, and especially, Congressional Medals of Honor, will show you just how indomitable the spirit of a warrior can be.

Some of the Patriots I have encountered have to this day stayed strong. They have faith in God. Nothing can change true faith, faith that is God given. Only those in the Alliance has access to parts of the plan, or to the full plan. We outsiders have varying degrees of trust in the people that makeup the Alliance. I have complete trust because my faith tells me God's hand was in the formation of the Alliance.

There are other Patriots that appear to be weak in their support at the moment. Let's call it what it is, they are wishy-washy. As battles are won, they are right there basking in glory of the victories, but, when it appears that the enemy has the upper hand in any way they seem to be ready to abandon ship.

Not being part of "The Plan" we have no access to dates. And when we read about a date that something may happen, it's not a good idea to bank on it being a real date. In any plan where an enemy is involved it would not be a good strategy to telegraph your timeline, unless perhaps you detect a weakness in your enemy, whereby you know by releasing a date you know that the enemy will automatically believe that since a date was given, they would tend to know that whatever is planned on that date won't happen. Then it might make sense to carrie out the plan you had for that date. However, the D*eep State Cabal, through their arrogance, has always felt they get more power through the telegraphing of their punches. Think about the many episodes of the Simpsons, and all the movies they have used, and also the Illuminati Card Game.

Anyone that has read any of my previous articles on this site, may remember that I stated several times, that it was my gut feeling, that March 4th could very well be President Trumps 2nd Inauguration.

I always said that, because of us being back under our original Constitution, where the 4th of March is set aside to be the Inauguration Day. However, to date, we have been given conflicting information on this site, being told that President Trump was Inaugurated on January the 11th, and more recently at 12:01 AM on January 20th. We were given no further information as to who did the swearing in, or if a Vice President was sworn in also, and who it happened to be. Maybe there's a strategy behind the different dates given, but what it might be, I have no idea. In the last day or two, we've been told that March 4th may be the start of the election. I'm not certain what that even means.

Dates aside, it appears that we are in the end game. We at any time could hear the word checkmate. Most of us that have been following this war for years, already know that the war has been won, and we are watching a movie that is designed to flush out all that remains of the Sat*anic D*eep Staters, and awakening the sleepers. It seems to accomplish the awakening, the knowledge of what has been going on must be brought out publicly with enough time for the viewing of the 8 hour video, which has been completed for quite sometime. I had thought that the 2 week lockdown would provide ample time for the viewing of the video which will undoubtedly wake up the biggest majority of those asleep. There's a small percentage of people that no matter what is shown may never wakeup.

I believe many of my fellow Christians, will have an awakening themselves. I recently spoke to a good Christian friend of mine that recently called me after saying she had recently had me on her mind. Usually when that happens, you should follow your instinct and make the call. There's usually a reason behind someone you haven't spoke to for awhile, coming to mind. Previously, I have spoken to both my friend, and her husband, in an effort to "red-pill" them. Mindy, (not her real name), Is still waiting to be raptured out the world. I tried to ask her what she would think if I told her we are about to win the war that appears to be what the Bible calls the Battle of Armageddon. That appeared to be something that she wasn't ready to accept. I tried to tell her about the White Hat Alliance, and how it included good extra-terrestrials. She stopped me right there, and said there is no such thing as aliens from outer-space. She said the Bible doesn't mention them anywhere. The only response that came to mind was for her to do a study of Ezekiel's wheels. l didn't ask if she ever heard of any UFO sightings, the crash at Roswell, or if she ever heard of the Air Force's Project Blue book. Mindy's husband is a little closer to coming to terms with what is happening in the world, but is still a ways from taking the red pill. Like so many others I have spoken too, I believe they also view me as someone that had fallen off of a migrant turnip truck.

Many Christians are taught that the Bible, the King James Version is inerrant. Nothing could be further from the truth. My friend happens to be one of those believers. I asked her if she knew that King James was a real pervert. She was shocked when I told her that. And I asked her if she happened to know when his people finished transcribing the Bible into English in 1611, that he gave the book to another king for a year he used to pack it with Masonic symbolism. She didn't know that either. I tried to share some of the contradictions in the KJV. I ask her if she thought that it was reasonable for a loving God, that gave us the commandment, Thou shalt not kill, would then tell the Chi*ldren of Israel to go into a country a completely annihilate a complete race of people, kill all the men, women, chi*ldren, sheep, ox, etc. I also touched on a few more contradictions which I will not name here, but will go into great detail, in a book I am writing, which is a subject for another day.

Please keep the faith, the war has been won, and the movie will soon end. When it does, we will all come to know what President Trump means when he says, "The best is yet to come".

The D*eep State Cabal has been working on their plan to take over the world for hundreds of years. They became a formalized group on a day called May Day, which occurred on May 1st, 1776.

The reason The Alliance has been so quickly able to take down this evil (beyond words) cabal can be summed up in one word - GOD!

Be patient, do your own research. You'll find that we have been lied to all of our lives. To give you some ideas where to start, I'll give you some key words that are very pertinent for these times, consider adrenochrome, NESARA/GESARA, DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases), underground tunnel system, HAARP, Scalar Weaponry, Chemtrails, 5G, false flags, and last but certainly not least, Ped*ophilia. Before you know it you will be following your own threads, and you will be hearing about your next election vote on the Quantum Voting System

Until then, continue using the most effective weapon in our arsenal - PRAYER! Pray for the chi*ldren, and the adults, that have been held underground, and have gone through things so horrific that it's beyond the imagination of God fearing people. Pray for President Trump, the Alliance, and our brave military that is fighting against demons, in tunnels sometimes miles below the earth's surface. Pray for our good law enforcement, and pray that the bad actors, in the military, and law enforcement, will be taken down with the rest of the evil swamp creatures.

I remember a cheer, the cheerleaders used when in I was in High School, it was very simple: YES we will win, yes WE will win, yes we WILL win, yes we will WIN. In this case we have already and are awaiting for a public announcement. It's coming soon, in days, or weeks.

May God bless each of you, and may God bless America!




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