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February 24, 2021

Cue predicted it - and now it's happening.

New York DEMOCRATS held an outdoor press conference calling for charges against Governor Cuomo. Cuomo is directly accountable for thousands of nursing home [C]OVID deaths in NYC - the highest rate anywhere in USA, and indeed the world. Gateway Pundit has the story and video of the presser.


Ghost Ezra posted another photo of night time smoke over Washington DC. That looks like a targeted explosion.

The State of Union address was apparently scheduled for 23rd February. The date has sailed by without a murmur from the Masked One. Fake presidency, much.

General Flynn is flagging President Trump's speech at the upcoming CPAC conference as being highly significant. The Conservative Political Action Conference is being held on 25 - 28th February in Florida. Watch out for it. President Trump may use this opportunity to drop a few TRUTH bombs.

Finally, Lorie Ladd's latest video struck a chord with many Light Warriors, including myself.


Lorie talks about a major personal quantum shift that happened for her. I can attest to a similar experience over the last week. The foundation of my whole life - every area - suddenly felt as if it rested on shifting sand. Everywhere I turned, something was changing. Relationships shifted...plans were made that had to be changed...and, like Lori, I have not recognized myself. There is nothing solid to hold on to any more.

It has been a disconcerting and isolating time, especially when everyone around me continues with their usual 3D lives. At first, I tried to resist it. Then, as Lorie suggests, I surrendered to the inevitability of this Ascension phase and I am learning to treat it as an adventure.

This phase is definitely NOT comfortable. But I now understand that it is necessary for the evolution of my soul growth - which then helps humanity's Ascension. We Light Warriors are ascending ahead of humanity. We are the pioneers. Think of the pioneers in wagon trains on the USA plains, heading for California. Their lives were a huge adventure, but comfortable? No way.

We Light Warriors can be proud of our patience, tenacity, trust and faith in the Alliance Divine Plan.

Here is the link to my new blog site: https://stargatenewsletter.blogspot.com/


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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