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Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer

Cryptos versus Precious Metals
  • Indications of market intervention
  • Money must always be a commodity
  • Cryptos have no independent existence
  • Main interest lies in making Dollar profits

Look at bitcoin. In the early stages, people thought of it as a bet on a new money system, in which the cryptocurrency, despite having no physical existence, but limited by mathematical wizardry, would prove superior to gold. That could still turn out to be true, or, it could turn out that the price action in bitcoin is really just another of the many manipulation tricks coming out the box of the Central Bank controllers. As a result, when the central bank money system blows up, bitcoin and all other cryptos could go with it.

Bitcoin is not backed by gold or any other valuable asset, it relies on the continued existence of a worldwide electronic Internet, and never can reach a stable monetary value necessary to substitutes currencies. In the event of war, the Internet will go down instantly, every bitcoin owner loose control for immediate use. As Bitcoin is quoted hourly, and its price does not suffer from constant manipulative attacks, as Gold and Silver do. This gives the impression Bitcoin is accepted by the D*eep State-cabal. Because if they accept the existence of Bitcoin, it means that Bitcoin does not present a threat to the fiat monetary system upon which the World depends today. And it is further used to camouflage the large-scale printing of money that drives up prices on Wall Street, real estate, and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin at $55,000 seems insane, it has made the average crypto wallet rise more than 20 times. Crypto holders should learn something about the Dutch tulip mania of the 17th century. But so far, it seems to be one of those lessons that is not useful to be learned at all.

Moreover; there is no way to add up bitcoin’s anticipated earnings and discount them to present value. There are no earnings. Never will be. Which makes the Bitcoin a macro play, probably an exceptionally reckless gamble. Bitcoin has gone up 80% this year. The Fools are betting that it will go up more. Why? Because it has gone up! Pure hogwash. In other words; You buy something, hoping that there is a greater fool who will later buy it from you at a higher price. This is not a serious investment, ask yourself, who is the greatest fool?

All, this let us be known that the D*eep State central bank knows they can deal with Bitcoin at any time, when necessary. In other words, there is no real security in owning Bitcoins. There is talk; of the great security that Bitcoin offers, free from outside interference, but the practice is different, considering the manipulation of the central planners, about which there is no information yet, nevertheless, well-informed people say that Bitcoin is a superior form of money. If so, it will soon make the other forms, including gold itself, obsolete, just as the combustion engine car is being supplanted by electrically powered vehicles. Which is also false.

What many don’t realise, that more “stimulus” will not help jump-start the economy? “We should be investing in deficit spending in order to generate economic growth, like Tesla shares were valued at about $200 billion, this company is worth about as much as the GDP of Turkey.

More, the existence of Bitcoin is at the lowest level of physical subsistence, since it is only an electronic charge. When is granted this electronic charge is a monetary value, this requires a jump in imagination. If Bitcoin is money, it is imaginary money, and is consequently nothing else than dream money.

Bitcoin has a monetary value, only because the – unknown – founder said that it had monetary value, and a few simple souls accepted that statement. Once, statements like lies are frequently repeated the mantra “Bitcoin is money”, it has “monetary value” starts to take hold. However, fundamentally Bitcoin is nothing more than a satisfying gambling game to play.

But life is more than playing games. When time comes, people need to have some real money in hand, in a life-or-death situation, Bitcoin will show how many fools populate the World, like already has been demonstrated by the millions of wearers of a useless face mask.

Indications of market intervention

Otherwise, a logical analysis of daily action in the gold market reveals constant intervention by the banking Mafia, to drive the price of gold down: a free-market price of gold would have the undesirable consequence of revealing the worthlessness of the reserve currency – the US Dollar, which cannot be allowed to happen, it underpins the worth of the currencies of the rest of the World.

In an authentic free market, most buyers of gold and silver want to obtain as much of precious metals as possible, in exchange for the currency they offer in payment. Therefore, most rises in the price of gold take place slowly; thus nearly vertical rises in the price of gold as registered on graphs, always indicate market intervention.

It proofs; a true free market for gold and silver does not exist. There are banking entities that work hand in hand with the Central Banks of Britain and the US, to control the price of gold and silver, by preventing its price from rising, or by bringing its price down to discourage owners and prospective owners from investing in gold and silver.

A tell-tale sign of ‘Official Intervention’ in the PM markets are the swift collapses in the price of gold and silver, which take place frequently. To the contrary, “bona-fide” sellers of gold wish to maximise their Dollar profits when they sell their gold – they never “unload” their gold and or silver on the Market, all at once.

The ‘Official Sellers’ of gold do not care about “maximising their currency profit”. They are interested in only one thing: to bring down the price of gold and silver as fast as possible, in order to scare away potential investors and “flush out” weak hands. Thus, the tell-tale signs of Intervention appear in the the daily graphs of the price of gold, as near vertical falls in the price of gold and or silver.

Official intervention presents itself, as clear as day, at 8 a.m., when the price of gold is $1803, and gold is driven directly – and unprofitably – to $1775 from about 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. They have successfully driven the price of gold down $220 Dollars, from $2,000 down to $1780: a neat 11%.

Whether the price will rise, or be driven further down, remains to be seen. The problem for the “Controllers” is that the lower the price of gold goes, the more attractive it appears to buyers! At $1780, the buyer gets 12.35% more gold than he did at $2,000. A true bargain!

Money must always be a commodity

When gold is put alongside the present political context in the US; Where are rumours that President Trump is not going to concede the electoral victory to Biden. Then Trump could take very ugly measures against his political enemies by proven reject the results of the recent election. Implicating the removal of Biden via art 25 of the Constitution, as DS in the past unsuccessfully applied when he was in office. When Trump is declared the winner and remains in Power it will be with the consent and support of the Military.

Real money is based on gold. While silver is also seen as real money, though not as apt as gold. Money is, has always been, and always will be a commodity. Cryptos, like Bitcoins, as well as fiat Dollars and all other fiat paper currencies today, are not and cannot be real money in this sense, because these are not linked with commodities. Bitcoins and Dollars – and all Cryptos and currencies for that matter – are not “commodities”; they are nothing but numbers without substance. Thus, not suitable as money.

Cryptos have no independent existence

The rate at which the human race is getting richer, the rate of technological innovation, the Central Banks’ interest rate policies; all are irrelevant. What counts is the faithful rendering of who owes what to whom.

If nothing changes, you should be able to buy a similar tool for today’s price of $50, for the same price years later. If, on the other hand, technological progress cuts the time needed to make a tool in half the time, you should be able to buy two tools. And if productivity has doubled, a toolmaker should be able to turn out twice as many — two — in one day. But the basic relationship between you and others is unchanged.

Think further; Cryptos like Bitcoins have no stated value. You do not know the total value of your Bitcoins, until the moment you have exchanged them for a quantity of fiat money. So, Bitcoin has no independent existence such as fiat money has. Because, Bitcoin’s worth depends on the existence of fiat money in which to transact exchanges. As long as there are more buyers of Bitcoin, than sellers, the value of the Bitcoin will continue to rise, and that will bring in still more buyers and its value may rise to the skies.

But when the moment comes – as it always does – when there are more sellers than buyers, then the value of the Bitcoin will fall. When the holders of Bitcoins begin to see a trend of declining value, there will be nothing and no one to stop the trend: Owners of Bitcoins will rush in panic to sell their holdings – to other holders of Bitcoins – before its value falls even further. With more and more owners trying to sell, there will soon be no buyers: no one will want to catch the falling knife! The value of Bitcoin will fall to practically zero.

When the famous Tulip Mania of the 1600’s was over, the losers at least had their tulips to look at. The Bitcoin rise in “value” that took months – or even years – will be over in a matter of hours. Bitcoin will become a phenomenon in history of mass speculation that amounted to ultimate mass grief.

Main interest lies in making Dollar profits

So, it is correct to conclude; Bitcoin and for the same reason all other cryptos are nothing more than a distraction, created by the central planners to direct widespread public worry away from concern about the eventual collapse of the Dollar’s value.

Bitcoin – and its imitators – serve to distract the attention of investors away from investing in gold and silver. Bitcoin functions very well, as a distractor of attention from investing in gold, because to “invest” in Bitcoin is to use the Dollar to invest in what is essentially, nothing tangible, as is physical gold. And even more important; Bitcoin presents no danger to the Dollar’s value.

The majority of investors has little or no interest in gold. Their main interest lies in making Dollar profits. The rising price of Bitcoin attracts the attention of investors – and that is it purpose: “Think Bitcoins, and pay no attention to investing in gold.”

The prices of the precious metals – gold and silver – are under strict control by the syndicated Rothschild Bankers.

President Trump and his Team know very well, that the real money power in this world is in the hands of the Rothschild owned and Jesuit controlled International Bankers mob. The time when it was necessary to prove the existence of this control, ended long ago. Today it is an unquestioned fact. However, most analysts of the precious metals market continue to bury their heads in the sand of falsity, for various personal reasons. That is, why they only comment on “market behaviour”.

If, in spite of this situation, the price of gold continues to rise because of a gravely increasing amount of world debt issued by Rothschild bankers cartel, the small minority who have been accumulating gold and silver in a inactive market is going to turn into a mass of buyers who want to make a profit, and panic may take place which will take the price gold to unsuspected heights. “Wait and see” before buying, may turn into “Do it now!”

About a hundred years ago Von Mises already explained how this will end:

“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system is involved.”

If there were any trick left that would save a nation from the effects of overspending, corruption and “printing” money to cover its debts, the D*eep State would have discovered and applied it already long ago.

The only way out of this crisis is the abolition of all central banks and their economies. To introduce QFS and the people’s economy as soon as possible. Without taxes, so that all the money earned is yours to spend or save as you see fit. No controllers, just enjoy life for the benefit of all.

Be assured, we the Patriots are going to win the fight against the D*eep State. The cards have been shuffled and dealt. The game has set its course for the home run to the finish. Nothing can influence anymore the positive outcome. It is taking longer than expected because not enough people have awakened yet. Help to speed up the awakening in the name of all the awakened.

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