Covid-19 patient is transported by car to hospital

Things are really not easy across the country, we are facing serious problems due to Covid-19 throughout Brazil. As a result, hospitals are full, with no beds available and in many places collapsing.

To try to contain all this madness we see some places that are taking extreme measures to somehow control the contamination. But as for the contaminated ones, it is increasingly difficult to treat, with that we saw an unfortunate fact that happened in the city of Chapecó.

A video is going viral across the country, as a patient was spotted being taken to the hospital in the city of Chapecó in the back of a car. In the image you could see that next to the man there was an oxygen cylinder and his wife, the scenes shocked everyone who is commenting and sharing this sad scene.

The man is 41 years old and has been contaminated for about a week, with great difficulty in breathing he went to a service unit. When examined, the doctor asked him to be taken to the city hospital, the family revealed that they spent about two hours waiting for the ambulance to arrive to take them to the hospital.

With the delay they decided to return home and ask a patient's sister to take them to the hospital, according to the patient's wife the oxygen cylinder that appears in the video was purchased by the family itself. The woman also reported that he was very weak and that something needed to be done urgently so that nothing bad could happen to him.