Covid-19: Funeral cars line up at hospital door in Brazil

We are undoubtedly experiencing the worst moment since the beginning of the pandemic worldwide, a collapse has been established across the country. And chaos is getting worse everywhere, an unfortunate scene that has given something to talk about on social media is the lines of cars at the funeral home to remove the bodies of the dead at the hospital in the city of Chapecó.

Altogether in the state of Santa Catarina there were 263 deaths recorded in just one day and the video that is going viral and has given something to talk about is from the city of Chapecó. That draws everyone's attention due to the huge number of hearses leaving the Regional Hospital of the city, unfortunately this scene has shocked everyone because the situation is getting more complicated in every country.

People need to be aware now but more than ever that it is important to take all security measures to prevent this terrible virus from spreading further. National public health is in a real collapse and in many Brazilian cities there is no more bed to care for the sick.

Because of that what we have seen is the number of deaths increasing with each passing day, the hope is that with the arrival of the vaccine, things could gradually improve. But for now it is not the picture that we have seen, since with each passing day the number of infected people has only increased.

In the city of Chapecó, in the last few days, there were 15 deaths of people aged 24 to 80 years old. As a result, the myth that only elderly people over the age of 60 died has been dispelled, so it is necessary for everyone to take care of themselves because this terrible disease has not chosen its victims by age so there is little care.