After a biological mother rejects an autistic child, her stepmother is able to adopt him, and celebrates!

The relationship between mother and son, between Adrieli and Vinicius, is now also valid before justice!

It is said that father and mother are the people who raise us, not necessarily those with whom we have a blood bond, and in this particular case, this is true!

Adrieli Garcia Barbosa, a 28-year-old math teacher who lives in Vera Cruz (SP), recently celebrated the officialization of the mother-son relationship with her 4-year-old stepson Vinicius Garcia Barbosa.

The teacher has been married to Vinicius' father, Diogo, a 24-year-old mechanic's assistant, since the end of 2017, and, since then, she has had a very close relationship with the boy, who was left by his mother when he had only 5 months old.

Despite the brotherly love of each other, the teacher had the desire to formalize this relationship, so in 2019, she filed for adoption.

Adrieli said, in an interview with Marília Notícias, that she wanted to guarantee Vinicius rights, like having a real mother, on paper.

The boy is already part of his family and even calls his stepmother's parents grandparents and his uncles siblings, it was just a matter of recognition through justice, and fortunately the outcome of this story was positive.

Through the Public Defender's Office, Adrieli obtained, at the end of September, at the Marília Family Court, the adoption, the mention on the boy's birth certificate and also the possibility of giving his surname to Vinicius, which was a reason for great joy for Is it over there.

José Roberto Nogueira Nascimento, the judge responsible for the sentence, recorded that Vinicius is “well supported by the plaintiff and her parent, where she has been receiving all the necessary care for her good development, showing strong socio-affective ties with the couple”. In addition, he added that the boy is "expressing a significant and satisfactory link with the current family nucleus".

As all of his considerations about Vinicius' reality were positive, he removed the biological mother's family power and granted the unilateral donation of the child to Adrieli, who will now be able to say in all letters that he is a mother Vinicius, not only in his heart, but also on paper.

Certainly, this is a news of great joy for the family, especially for Vinicius, who will grow up with the certainty that he has a great woman at his side, whom he can call "mother".

We wish all the happiness in the world for this family and that their bond strengthens every day!