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Among the ingredients created to measure to offer greater variety to vegan cuisine, there is seitan. This completely vegetable food is used instead of meat and is found in all Italian supermarkets. In addition, it is also possible to prepare it at home. The only contraindication: it is not suitable for celiacs. But how to cook seitan? Here are some suggestions.

What is seitan and what does it contain

Seitan is a food made from soft wheat gluten or other cereals, such as spelled or kamut. It is widely used in vegetarian and vegan cuisine to replace meat proteins, although its flavor is more delicate and neutral. Versatile, high protein ingredient, it is totally free of cholesterol and fat. For every 100 grams of product 120 kcal are absorbed, in line with those of meat, but without the saturated fats and cholesterol associated with food of animal origin.

Seitan is a food that has its roots in Japanese culinary culture. It originally spread as a food created and used by practitioners of the Zen discipline: at the time its name was kofu, which means "wheat gluten". The macrobiotic expert George Osawa coined the word seitan. He considered it a "right" food, both for the environment (because it is sustainable) and because it is within everyone's reach.

How to make seitan at home

Seitan can be found ready-made, vacuum-packed, in natural product stores and in the most well-stocked supermarkets. But you can also prepare it at home. It starts with the basic ingredient, wheat flour. Prepare a pot full of water in which you are going to put celery, carrots, basil, parsley, two tablespoons of salt, soy sauce and a few pieces of Kombu seaweed. Bring everything to a boil.

Take a bowl and mix the wheat flour (preferably organic) with the water and salt. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes and then wash it under running water, keeping it in a colander. This is necessary to separate the starch from the gluten. The latter will be the part that you will cook in boiling water for 40 minutes. At the end of cooking you will have your seitan at your disposal.

Another, shorter method is to use ready-made gluten flour mixed with normal white flour. In this way you can flavor the seitan by cooking the broth and with spices and herbs to add directly to the flour mixture. Put carrot, celery, onion, seaweed and various aromas in the water. Make the mixture of spices and flours. Mix with water and give the seitan the shape that best meets the needs of the recipe you are going to make.

The seitan that you will obtain with this procedure can be stored in broth for six days.

How to eat it: how it goes with what it is seasoned with
Due to its similarity to meat in consistency and protein content, seitan is perfect for preparing an excellent meat sauce, but also for being served as a sort of stew, with the addition of spices, or in the form of cutlet with sesame and rosemary . Perfect for a vegetable gratin, seitan is also excellent eaten without other additions, sliced ​​like a salami.

It can be accompanied by a tuna sauce, artichokes sauteed in oil, mushrooms and asparagus if prepared as a braised meat. It is also perfect for preparing a stew with eggplant. If you cut it into cubes, you can create a tasty salad with fresh baby spinach, walnuts, tomatoes and bean sprouts. You can also prepare seitan burgers and meatballs, or offer it with the Mediterranean aromas and flavors of the traditional pizzaiola recipe.

How to cook grilled seitan

To combine it with a raw vegetable caponata, you can cook the seitan on the grill. Create an oil flavored with rosemary and thyme, marinate the slices of seitan (which you will have previously cut to a thickness of 1 centimeter) and prepare the non-stick plate. Put the cast iron grill on the stove and after a couple of minutes add the slices of seitan: 3 minutes of cooking will be enough on each side. Shaped like a cutlet, seitan is perfect for grilling with lemongrass “bone”. Also perfect in the morsels of kebab version.

How to cook seitan in the oven

Baking seitan allows you to unleash your imagination. Since it can be substituted as a raw material in all meat dishes, you can start preparing a simple but always appreciated roast of seitan with potatoes. Using the seitan sauce we have already discussed, you can assemble a delicious 100% vegetarian baked pasta pie. You can also create tasty skewers of seitan and baked vegetables or slice and bread it to make it au gratin in the oven.

You can cook seitan in the microwave in a few simple steps. After putting it in a pyrex bowl, cover everything with a transparent film pierced in some point. Put the container in the oven at 750W for 4 minutes. At the end