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The film I want to describe, even though I haven't seen it recently, is Robin Hood, directed by Kevin Reynolds.

The story is known to all and begins when the hero manages to escape from the prison in which he had been locked up after fighting for years in Jerusalem during a Crusade.

Back home, with his wise and noble friend Azeem, he discovers that his land, in the absence of King Richard, has fallen into the hands of the cruel and bloodthirsty Sheriff of Nottingham who dominates, robs and devastates at will without anyone finding the courage to oppose his bullying.

Robin Hood takes refuge in the forest and leads the oppressed people who rise up against the tyrant, comforted and aided by the beautiful lady Marian and his foreign friend.

After various vicissitudes, pitfalls and ambushes, the hero manages to defeat the sheriff and fulfill his dream of love by marrying his beloved in front of King Richard who has returned from the Crusade against the godless.

I was not particularly struck by the plot itself of this film, as it almost traces the fairy tale that is told to all children, but the feelings and values ​​expressed in it in a magnificent way by the actors: the good that triumphs over evil, if friendship is solid it is support and comfort, courage and even a little luck help the fearless.

The actors play their roles with great skill; the intensification of the relationship between Robin and Azeem, despite the different cultures, origins, languages ​​and habits and characters, is clearly perceived. Robin is extroverted, almost playful, enterprising, he throws his head down in all his adventures, almost without thinking about it; Azeem, on the other hand, is the opposite: more silent, introverted and thoughtful. Both of them love to help those in difficulty and this brings them closer and allows the development of a lasting friendship.

Other notable characters are: Lady Marian, a woman with a strong, decisive, fearless and beautiful character, in love with Robin, supports him by whatever means she deems necessary. Friar Tack, a truly original priest who loves wine and beautiful damsels, does not seem to have an important role but helps the hero not to lose heart, encourages him, blesses him and, sometimes, plans attacks and traps with him to the rich gentlemen who pass through the forest. Little Jonh, the undisputed master of the forest, before Robin arrived, quickly realizes that he is a winner and joins him to win freedom. Finally, the sheriff of Nottingham, cruel, lowest, liar and dangerous dictator, achieves his goals by any means, he also allies himself with the Celts to destroy the village in the forest.

The places where the story takes place are different: at first you can see the city of Jerusalem from which Robin escapes, Nottingham gloomy and gloomy kingdom of the sheriff and the forest where the hero lays the foundations and carries out his plan of insurrection against the tyrant.

I liked this adventure and action film a lot and it captured my imagination so much that it teased the child in me, let me identify from time to time in this or that character and actively participate in the evolution of events up to to make me rejoice in the happy ending.

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